co-discoverer of the neutrino

Do you know about Clyde Cowen (Nobel Prize in Physics)?  Check out this alum’s story.

Clyde Lorrain Cowan Jr

Spotlight: Vachel McNutt

Why was V H McNutt famous?

Vachel Harry McNutt

Spotlight: Daniel C. Jackling

Big name around campus — do you know why?

Daniel C. Jackling

Daniel C. Jackling.gif

RMERC new director

Dr. Norbert Maerz Director Rock Mechanics and Explosives Research Center Professor, Geological Engineering 332 McNutt Hall (573) 341-6714 Fax:(573) 341-4368

Congratulations to Dr. Norbert Maerz,  who has been appointed the Director of the Rock Mechanics and Explosives Research Center (RMERC) effective May 9, 2016!

Dr. Maerz is a Professor of Geological Engineering at MS&T, and is a Senior Research Investigator with the RMERC. He has been associated with the Center since he joined the faculty at MS&T in 1998.


Hall, Richard H. PROFESSOR Business & Information Tech Personal Page 106-A Fulton Hall ROLLA, MO 65409 573/341-4811


Intelligent Microsystem Laboratory (IML)

The mission of the Intelligent Microsystem Laboratory (IML) is to accomplish functional integration (on-chip intelligence) and structural integration (miniaturization) of advanced microsystems. We conceptualize novel microsystems for special needs, implement them with novel technologies and demonstrate the system performance. Our main research topics are intelligent microsystems (microsensors, microactuators, and microfluidics) and their niche applications largely to biological and medical areas. Some of our current focuses include: metabolites sensing (on-chip self-calibration) and plant/crop physiology (root growth environment). The overarching goals of this exploration are to contribute to global health issues and to secure our future sustainability.

The IML is located at the Materials Research Center (MRC), Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T). The laboratory is equipped with a variety of instruments to fabricate and characterize integrated microsystems. We are part of the Materials Research Center (MRC) and support the MRC’s missions. The IML is devoted to providing highly interactive and interdisciplinary research environment and to collaborating with experts in various fields to develop new research areas.


Dr. Kim, Chang-Soo, Associate Professor
Departments of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Biological Sciences
Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly University of Missouri – Rolla)
301 W 16th St., Rolla, MO 65409
573-341-4529 (voice), 573-341-2071 (fax),

Complex Adaptive Systems Conference call for papers

Dr. Cihan Dagli Professor and Founder and Director of Systems Engineering Graduate Program Engineering Management & Systems Engineering Phone: (573) 647-9125 Office: 229 Engineering Managment

Led by Missouri S&T’s Cihan Dagli

Abstract submissions are due by Monday, May 9, for the Complex Adaptive Systems Conference, which will be held Nov. 2-4 in Los Angeles. Researchers are invited to share research findings and help expand the field of engineering cyber physical systems. The conference theme is “Engineering Cyber Physical Systems: Applying Theory to Practice.” Paper topics can include the following:

  • Cyber physical systems
  • Intelligent and adaptive systems
  • Data science and analytics
  • Business and financial analytics
  • Emerging technologies and complexity
  • Next generation neural networks.

Attendees will have the opportunity to network and meet with Dr. Cihan Dagli, professor of engineering management and systems engineering, recently named to’s list of “20 Systems Engineering Professors to Know,” for his achievements in advancing the field of systems engineering. For more information, visit

Spotlight: LITE

The Laboratory for Information Technology Evaluation’s (LITE) mission is to evaluate and explore the impact of information technologies on people, society, organizations, and culture through the utilization of diverse research tools and methodologies. Check it out at website.


EMSE Learning and Research Labs

Did you know Engineering Management and Systems Engineering have four labs? see site

  • Design and Modeling Lab
  • Human Performance Modeling Lab
  • Laboratory for Investment and Financial Engineering (LIFE)
  • Smart Engineering Systems Lab (SESL)

Spotlight S&T Reactor

Did you know the Missouri University of Science and Technology Nuclear Reactor has been in operation since 1961 and was the first nuclear reactor in the State of Missouri? Check it out here.