Technology 2015

Want to be inspired to new ideas and needs?  Here are two recommendations:

Bloomberg TVDr Krishnamurthy recommends this Video from Bloomberg. This 45 minute the Year Ahead: Innovation gives a great view of things peaking over the near horizon.

And I would steer you to review Top 10 Disruptive Technologies for a New Era of Global Instability in National Defense Magazine. I note that since Missouri S&T is a institutional member of NDIA anyone on the faculty or staff can be listed as a member and get the publications.

NDIA Technologies

Unmanned Mobile Systems Interest Group

Miner DronesKM Isaac at MAE notes that Missouri S&T has worked out a license with the FAA to fly some drones (also known as Unmanned Aerial Systems) at the nearby University of Missouri Wurdack Farm research station. This provides a capability to a number of researchers who are experimenting with unmanned aircraft and ground systems for a variety of research purposes.  An informal gathering of researchers is just starting to form into a research interest group. The idea is to establish a portfolio of mutually supporting research projects on campus.

Water-Energy-Food Nexus Interest Group


It is amazing how some things just beg to be considered together — at least a research interest group thinks so when they look at mega water, energy and food systems.  The interest group is an informal and open to anyone party that has been meeting recently to figure out how to weave their various disciplinary experts into a comprehensive investigation team.

Driven immediately by a pending NSF EPSCoR proposal deadline of February 20 this team is coalescing around Joel Burken’s Environmental Research Center.

Brain Interest Group (BIG)

Nationally an emphasis is being pushed and funded to get at “Understanding the Human Brain” and a research interest group, an informal and open for anyone to join party, has been meeting. An immediate objective is a NSF EPSCoR Track 2 proposal due February 20.

Next gatherings are:
Wednesday December 3rd at Noon to participate in the NSF WebEx together ERL 329 – we will have a lunch brought in
Friday December 5th 3:30 PM Library room 204


November 10 – Humanities and Social Sciences Open House

IMG_0214Missouri University of Science and Technology tried something a bit new in its self-identification as a hotbed of research. It ‘reached in’ instead of ‘out’ by holding an open house with five departments who comprise a bulk of the expertise in humanities, and social sciences. Department chairs Greg Gelles of Economics, Larry Gragg of History and Social Sciences, Lance Haynes of Arts, Languages and Philosophy, Nancy Stone of Psychological Science and Kristine Swenson of English and Technical Communications in turn gave powerful evidence of the scholarly work of their faculty. You missed an insightful and compelling case if you didn’t attend – the 35 in attendance were given keys to open lots cabinets that enclose pockets of remarkable authorship and cooperation.

The deans from each of S&T colleges along with the Vice Provost for Research provided context and articulated in clear terms why Missouri S&T does research, what researchers contribute to the intellectual health and reputation of the university and hoIMG_0229w they personally value the interdisciplinary nature of the environment that Missouri S&T  is today. Thoughtful, consistent and committed K. Krishnamurthy, Steve Roberts and Ian Ferguson provided context to the assembled faculty and made the strategic plan RISING TO THE CHALLENGE: MISSOURI S&T’S STRATEGY FOR SUCCESS come to life.IMG_0223

In the informal reception following faculty, staff members and administrators engaged each other in detailed but warm interchanges of personal and professional interests. If one is allowed to judge by watching IMG_0230people, that little party was a success all by itself.  But perhaps the most telling of all was a comment by Lance Haynes noting that this style of interchange between faculty members: freeform, spontaneous, casual and comfortable, is something that barely occurs outside of a faculty lounge/center. Missouri S&T, Lance noted, has long been missing a venue for such healthy and convivial conversations across the spread of faculty.

Friday Reports

Research Notes and News from Office of Sponsored Programs

This blog is devised to bring a few topics of general interest to the attention of researchers and research staff at Missouri S&T. It may be shared freely. Feedback on suggestions and concerns are welcomed by the author.  You may ‘opt out’ of receiving this by email.

This weekly report from OSP will key you into a few proposal opportunities of note; research events you may track; a spotlight on some portion of the S&T research capability; notes, comments and the latest from the execution of the strategic plan.

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