NIH Workshop

On January 13 Dr Meg Bouvier met with 48 researchers and provided a clinic on getting research money from NIH. A short interview was conducted immediately following  the workshop.

Chancellor’s newsletter focuses on research

Chancellor Schrader periodically publishes a a formal newsletter focused on aspects of the Missouri S&T mission and direction. In this September 18 2015 edition she expresses how research fits into the strategic plan – Rising to the Challenge — which the draft OSP plan nicknamed “2020” supports.

OSP appreciation-holiday lunch

On  December 16 the generally scattered staff members of the Office of Sponsored Programs and their faculty leaders gathered in Centennial Hal for a salutatory social and pot luck lunch. This first gathering was meant to let the staff know how much their contribution is valued to the Missouri S&T research enterprise.


Many thanks to all who contributed to the fun event.DSC_0033 compressed DSC_0034 compressed DSC_0037 compressed

and the survey says …

Paula DeLongPaula DeLong passes her thanks to the 39 people who provided answers in the survey of research technical and administrative staff. The committee of Jason Cox, Santosh Mishra, Harry Djunaidi, Steve Tupper and Paula have pulled some clear conclusions from the survey on workload, compensation, training, recognition and trust. These conclusions get studied in the next quarter under OSP 2020 to identify resources and design improvements.

Survey of the research staff

Paula DeLong notes that a survey link has been sent to 50 people who are assigned roles in various research support roles around the campus. Missouri S&T’s strategy “Rising to the Challenge” is ambitious for research. The Office of Sponsored Programs, including the interdisciplinary research centers, adopted a supporting plan, nicknamed OSP 2020 during the spring semester. One focus point of OSP 2020 is Promote professional development and create an environment that acknowledges and rewards staff contribution and performance.

The survey — due back by December 3rd — will provide a temporary committee organized by DeLong to see how the staff members think their contributions are meaningful.  DeLong is particularly grateful to Harjanto (Harry) Djunaidi at Institutional Research for designing the survey.survey

OSP 2020 — survey of research staff professional development

OSP 2020 K. Krishnamurthy (

Missouri S&T Strategic Plan is supported by other plans from departments, school and functions. Our campus research enterprise is one of those supporting plans and is called OSP 2020. I invite you to participate in it and a copy can be had at the sponsored programs website.

We have five themes for improvement A – E and each theme has a set of actions to be conducted. As an example one theme has an action that called for a survey, since conducted, of the faculty and research staffs on needs and level of service satisfaction. That survey informed us of actions to be taken for improvement. I am now working my way through that list of needs and have done things like subscribing to ProQuest PIVOT for the campus. 

An action called for this quarter is to discover the professional development needs of our research staff members from the administrators and the technical staff at the various centers and with OSP personnel. A temporary committee is being formed to help me look at this and will be surveying you for your opinions in the first part of November. The analysis of that survey will help me create a set of improvements for our campus research performance.