Air Force Visiting Scientist Program

see notice (6 month program) – Bring one of your military colleagues to campus …US Air Force

The Air Force Visiting Scientist Program provides outstanding Air Force scientists and engineers the opportunity to conduct full-time, hands-on research-related work in leading U.S. university and industry laboratories for a period of up to 179 days on a temporary duty status funded by Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR). Upon completion of the assignment the researcher returns to his or her Air Force laboratory. The university or industrial laboratory provides a letter of invitation, and makes facilities, equipment, and resources available. The host laboratory must be located in the United States. Typically the researcher is an Air Force scientist or engineer, at least at the GS-13 level or its military equivalent. The applicant must write a project proposal, preferably not to exceed 10 pages, but of sufficient depth and scope, so that it can be evaluated by the scientists at the participating organizations. Hands-on laboratory research-related work is an essential program element. The traveler is required to submit a written report detailing his or her experiences and results of the project at the completion of the TDY. In addition, the traveler may be required to give a seminar presentation at the Air Force laboratory or at AFOSR and to provide feedback for purposes of program assessment.