MoDOT: Public Satisfaction Survey of High Friction Surface Treatment

Dear Research Colleagues:

On behalf of the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), I would like to invite you to consider submitting a proposal for a recently posted Request for Proposal “Public Satisfaction Survey of High Friction Surface Treatment”, Project TR201620”.  MoDOT has partnered with the Federal Highway Administration on the project and FHWA funds are being utilized for the project.  The Background for the project is the following:

In Federal Fiscal Year 2015, MoDOT received a federal grant to apply high friction surface treatments (HFSTs) in each district.  As part of the grant, a public satisfaction survey must be completed to determine customer perceptions of the project.  The survey questions are to assess drivers’ attitudes and awareness of the high friction surface treatment as well as information regarding public communication of construction projects.  Reporting of the survey results should be summarized into a report and compiled by demographics.


Link to RFP –


The RFP has a proposal submission date of September 21, 2016

Please feel free to submit any questions you may have regarding the RFP details or process for submissions to MoDOT Research Engineer, Jen Harper (573-526-3636) at

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