U.S. Manufacturing Innovation Fund

see PIVOT notice  $300,000

This program is focused on the development of U.S. manufacturing, with the specific goal of making it more feasible and competitive to make consumer goods in the USA.

The Fund is designed to provide grants in supportof applied research projects advancing innovative solutions to key challenges that have the potential to lower the cost of making consumer products in the USA (“Projects” or, singularly, “Project”). More specifically, Projects should advance the fundamental research, development, and commercialization of science and technology solutions to key challenges faced by companies interested in manufacturing their products in the United States. The Fund hopes to help jumpstart a more far-reaching revitalization of U.S. manufacturing, driving job creation and a stronger U.S. economy. This is part of Walmart’s and the Walmart Foundation’s broader commitment to investing in American jobs, including the company’s commitments to hiring veterans and offering unprecedented career opportunities for our Associates, and the Foundation’s funding of programs that support veterans and employment opportunity and training for low-income individuals.

Applications for Projects addressing other manufacturing processes relevant to making consumer products in the USA are also welcomed, though priority will be given to those addressing the Fund’s stated focus areas.

Projects should address a technological innovation that can advance U.S. manufacturing, specifically those listed in the “Focus Area” section below.

The Fund will provide grants in support of Projects advancing innovative solutions to key challenges that have the potential to:
– Lower the cost of making consumer products in the USA;
– Lead to broader innovation for overall manufacturing processes, with an emphasis on sustainability;
– Jumpstart innovation leading to commercialization of new manufacturing technologies in selected focus area industries; and
– Ultimately drive job creation within the USA.

The Fund has prioritized textile manufacturing activities for funding in 2016-2017. The obstacles prioritized by the Fund for the current cycle are as follows:
– Weaving
– Fabric dyeing
– Cut and sew