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NSF loses Pramod Khargonekar

Pramod Khargonekar visited with us on  campus in 2015. He headed the National Science Foundation’s Engineering Directorate since February, 2013 and starts next week as vice chancellor for research at the University of California, Irvine. See the university’s announcement. An electrical and computer engineer, Khargonekar  was dean of engineering at the University of Florida from 2001 to 2009  and subsequently deputy director for technology at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy. Several of our early career faculty had consulted with him for mentoring.

graduate student funding program

In light of the new graduate student funding program:

  • The university will now remit all tuition and fees (except for dedicated fees) for all Ph.D. students on appointment 37.5% and greater AND MS students in non-PhD granting departments at 37.5% or greater.
  • The existing policy II-26 will therefore only apply to grant proposals and contracts that budget for MS students (any appointment percentage) and Ph.D. students budgeted for less than 37.5% appointment, unless the PI can document that the Ph.D. student will have additional funding that will take them over the 37.5% limit (i.e. a departmental GTA, another project, etc).
  • Existing grants and contracts MAY NOT be rebudgeted or renegotiated to move existing tuition and fees.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Vice Provost Research Mariesa Crow PhD



Dear Missouri S&T Faculty:

I am very pleased to share with you a new plan that has been developed for the Graduate Student Strategic Initiative Funds starting in the Fall 2016 semester. This plan was developed by a special committee appointed by Faculty Senate in the Spring 2016 semester. The committee shared information with, and sought input from, the Graduate Faculty, Faculty Senate, the Council of Graduate Students, Chancellor Schrader, Mr. Walter Branson (Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration), Ms. Rose Horton (Executive Director for Strategy, Planning, and Assessment), and myself.

The new plan has three components. First, all of the tuition and supplemental fees for PhD students on 37.5% FTE appointments or higher, and MS students in non-PhD granting departments on 37.5% FTE appointments or higher will be remitted starting in the Fall 2016 semester. This applies to all current and new students in these groups.  Please note that the department sponsor and/or student will be responsible for all “dedicated fees.”

Second, the Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellowship (CDF) program will be modified such that the university will provide new recipients with a $10,000 fellowship each year and remission of their dedicated fees, while the academic departments and/or research investigators will provide each Fellow with a 50% FTE 12 month appointment. This is in addition to the tuition and supplemental fee remission for which they will automatically qualify. Current students holding a previously existing Chancellor’s Fellowship or Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellowship will continue to receive their existing fellowship. The new CDF program will still only apply to domestic students entering a PhD program. The fellowship will last for four years for students entering the PhD program and holding a Masters degree and five years for students engineering a PhD program and holding a Bachelors degree.

Third, the university will provide up to $50,000 each year in 1:1 matching funds for departments, research centers, and research investigators to fund activities to recruit students into these groups.

These programs will be reviewed periodically to determine if adjustments to any parameter is required in order to help assure maximum effectiveness.

The Graduate Fee Waiver Information form will be used such that graduate students qualifying for the tuition and supplemental fee remission will receive this remission when their department graduate secretary submits this form to the Cashier’s Office. By the end of the Summer 2016 semester the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies will develop policies for implementing the new Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellowship program and the Graduate Recruitment program.

Speaking for myself and those that developed and reviewed this new plan, we are convinced this will greatly contribute to the recruitment and retention of outstanding graduate students and will substantially enhance and grow the university’s research activities.

Sincerely, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Robert J. Marley, PhD CPE