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SunShot Initiative

Top News: Deadlines Approach for SunShot Funding, Lab Work Leads the Way

Act fast – the deadlines are quickly approaching for our ENERGISE funding opportunity and proposals for the Energy Materials Network’s DuraMat Consortium. Explore the work of the national labs, which are leading the way in solar innovation with concentrating solar power projects and celebrating a big award for a well-known photovoltaic researcher. Plus – look back at our big announcements from the past month. Scroll down to see all of the stories in this edition of the SunShot Initiative newsletter!

Deadline for ENERGISE Concept Papers

Utilities have little insight into how much energy is being used or generated by their customers in real-time. A recently announced funding opportunity, known as ENERGISE, hopes to change that. ENERGISE aims to develop solutions that will enable grid operators to gather up-to-the-minute measurement and forecast data from distributed energy sources and optimize system performance using sensor, communications, and data analytics technologies. Read the blog to learn more about this funding opportunity and see a list of deadlines to apply – mandatory concept papers are due this Friday, June 17.

Deadline to Submit Proposals for Energy Materials Network

High performance materials hold the key to innovation in solar energy technologies. The Department of Energy’s Energy Materials Network (EMN) aims to solve the industry’s toughest energy materials challenges. SunShot is currently accepting proposals from national labs to create the DuraMat Consortium within the EMN, which will develop durable, high-performance, low-cost PV module packaging materials and form factors. Proposals are sought from teams led by a single national laboratory. The deadline to submit a proposal is Friday, June 17. Learn more.

Apply for Computing Support from NREL

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is offering support to current awardees in the SunShot Initiative and other programs within the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy office. NREL’s High Performance Computing Center has an integrated set of resources, including computational, scientific data management and storage, and networking capabilities and relevant expertise. Funding is available for current awardees to take advantage of these services for research projects in the 2017 fiscal year. Learn more and download the application.

National Lab Projects Tackle Concentrating Solar Power Improvements

Our national labs continue to play a critical role in research and development of new technologies that will help to lower the cost of solar energy. We recently launched webpages for the concentrating solar power (CSP) projects under our SunShot National Laboratory Multiyear Partnership (SuNLaMP) funding program. These projects will work drastically reduce solar field installation time and costs; create cost effective, high-temperature receivers; increase net power conversion efficiency to more than 50%; and improve thermal energy storage to reach new temperature records. Learn more about our lab work.

Gulf Research Program’s capacity building grants

Letters of intent for the Gulf Research Program’s capacity building grants are due on July 13 at 5pm ET. Visit our website to propose a project to enhance community networks that improve coastal environments, health, and well-being.

Before you submit a letter of intent (required for this opportunity), watch a video of our May 26 capacity building grants informational webinar.

Sign up for Gulf Research Program e-updates to receive reminders about the September 14 full proposal deadline and future funding opportunities.

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Develop Technology for Detection of Powder Cleanliness

see NineSigma solicitation  $50,000

NineSigma, representing a fortune 100 diversified manufacturing company, invites proposals for the development of technology for inspection and detection of contaminants in metallic alloy powder.

Money Smart for Small Businesses

see article in eNEWS

July 19 and ending Sept. 6; noon to 1 PM Tuesdays

Conference Room 403, 900 Innovation Drive in Rolla