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Missouri S&T organizes International Conference on Self-Consolidating Concrete

concreteMissouri S&T is proud to have organized the Eighth International RILEM Symposium on Self-Compacting Concrete and the Sixth North-American Conference on the Design and Use of Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC), from May 15-18, 2016, in Washington, D.C. This conference was held simultaneously with the 11th Annual International Concrete Sustainability Conference of the National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA).  SCC 2016 (Flowing toward Sustainability) was designed to bring researchers and practitioners together to exchange the latest knowledge and tools used in building sustainable concrete structures with SCC.

Nearly 170 papers were submitted to SCC2016, from 32 countries, covering a wide range of timely and original subjects from around the world. Topics covered in the conference proceedings include SCC mix design, materials, test methods, rheology and workability, production and placement, flow modeling, pumping, formwork pressure, mechanical and physical properties, durability, structural performance, fiber reinforcement, sustainability, and case studies. These papers reflect the most recent advances in research, design, and implementation of SCC worldwide. Nearly 120 papers were presented during three parallel sessions in addition to 25 papers discussed during the poster session at the conference. The conference proceedings included a peer-reviewed volume (RILEM PRO 100) that included 47 papers and a supplementary volume with the remaining papers. Over 300 participants from around the world attended the event.

The conference also honored over 50 years of outstanding contributions of Professor Surendra Shah to the field of concrete science, including SCC research and education (shown in photo).

The primary organizers of the joint conferences were the Center for Infrastructure Engineering Studies (CIES) at Missouri S&T, the USDOT Tier-1 Center for Research on Concrete Applications for Sustainable Transportation (RE-CAST) led by Missouri S&T, the NRMCA, as well as RILEM and ACI. Kamal H. Khayat was the Chair of SCC 2016, and Abbie Sherman of the CIES was the Conference Secretariat. Missouri S&T was well represented at the conference with 14 participants and 18 technical papers.

Kamal H. Khayat SCC2016 Conference Chair Missouri S&T

Dr. Khayat and CIES graduate students