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Missouri Arts Council introduces Express Grants

More funding.

Pick Three.

The Missouri Arts Council introduces Express Grants for projects, arts education, and touring. Formerly Monthly Grants, Express Grants are streamlined with an easier application, faster turnaround, and higher request limit. They’re designed for smaller or occasional projects, with smaller budgets.

Here is what’s new:
30 day, deadline to decision. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with the deadline on the first Monday of each month. Thirty days later you’ll be notified if you received funding, and how much.
Higher grant request limit. Projects have been raised to $2,000 (was $1,500), Minority to $3,000 (was $2,500), Community Arts Basic to $3,000 (was $2,500). Arts Education remains $2,000 to maintain the match.
With a new online grant user interface with auto-save and other features,
Express will get you funded, faster.

Go ahead. Express yourself.

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