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Broader Impacts

ASEE reports

‘IMPACTS’ STILL FELT: The National Science Foundation continues to struggle with “broader impacts,” one of two merit-review criteria applied to proposals. Panelists “remain confused about how to interpret and weigh the broader impacts as the merit review criterion,” Louis Martin-Vega, engineering dean at North Carolina State, told the engineering advisory committee at its fall, 2015 meeting, according to AdCom minutes. The topic was one of four on which Pramod Khargonekar, NSF assistant director for engineering, requested AdCom input. “He also noted that NSF’s evaluation and assessment group is examining broader impacts this year,” the minutes report.

Reminder: In Missouri we are lucky to have the Broader Impacts Network as a resource to draw upon while NSF struggles with this aspect of competitive proposals.

Federal Research Agenda: MURI FY17

ASEE reports

NEXT YEAR’S MURI TOPICS: Bioinspired Low-Energy Information Processing; Revolutionary Advances in Computational Quantum Many Body Physics; and Adaptive Oxides for Biomimetic Synapse Design via Modulation of Internal States are just a few of the subject areas in the Pentagon’s funding opportunity announcement for the FY 2017 Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI). The program is administered by each of the DOD research offices: Office of Naval Research, Army Research Office, and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. (Thanks to the Coalition for National Security Research and John Latini.)