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Seminar “Numerical Study on Borehole Geomechanics Based on Discrete Element Method”

The weekly Rock Mechanics and Explosives Research Center (RMERC) Graduate Gathering is held in the  RMERC Building – 1006 Kingshighway, in Conference Room 106 from 3:30-4:20 each Friday that MS&T classes are in session.

Anyone is welcome to attend, and please, feel free to bring a friend!

Our presenter for this Friday, April 15, 2016  is as follows:

      Presenter:   Chao (Torry) Zeng, PhD Candidate (Advisor: Dr. Wen Deng, Geotechnical Engineering)

Chao (Torry) Zeng PhD Student 08/2015-present MS China University of Petroleum, 2012-2015 BS China University of Petroleum, 2008-2012 Email:

      Title:  “Numerical Study on Borehole Geomechanics Based on Discrete Element Method”


The rising demand of fuel energy prompts petroleum engineers turning to unconventional oil recovery, e.g., hydraulic fracturing for shale gas. On the basis of that, this presentation focus on studying hydraulic fracturing problems near the borehole. The work highlights numerical simulation by using discrete element method, as opposed to most conventional analysis based on the theories of continuum mechanics. PFC (particle flow code), a discrete element software, was employed in my work to mainly analyze the mechanism of wellbore instability in particular formation and hydraulic fracturing propagation in specific layer. Using the hydro-mechanical coupling within PFC, the effect of principal stress, pore pressure and fluid parameters on wellbore instability is analyzed. The interaction of hydraulic fracturing and pre-existing natural fractures is also explored, justified against laboratory hydraulic fracturing experiments, to investigate the fracturing trajectory and optimal dip angle of natural fractures.