New Jersey: Brain Injury Research Grant: Programmatic Multi-Investigator Project Grant


The goals of this program are (1) to encourage investigators to undertake research on neural protection, repair and regeneration after traumatic brain injury; (2) to encourage individuals to undertake research on theeffectiveness of clinical interventions for traumatic brain injury; and (3) to enable researchers with novel scientific and clinical ideas to test them and develop pilot data needed to develop a programmatic area of research that can be supported by additional funding from the National Institutes of Health, and other funding sources.

The NJCBIR is committed to accelerating research to develop effective interventions and cures for the disabilities associated with traumatic brain injury. Primary objectives are:
– To advance the field of brain cell repair and regeneration in the New Jersey research
community by encouraging established scientists to apply their expertise to the brain.
– To foster collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches to brain injury research.
– To develop models of neural repair and regeneration that establishes a basis for
additional scientific investigation.
– To develop models of neural repair and regeneration after brain injury that can lead
to clinical interventions.
– To stimulate epidemiological analysis of the New Jersey TBI Registry data in order to
improve injury prevention, develop treatment guidelines and enhance patient outcomes.
– To promote dissemination of the research findings generated by those scientists supported
by the NJCBIR.
– To develop and evaluate clinical interventions that lead to improved treatment and function
after TBI.