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National Academy video competitiion

$25,000 VIDEO PRIZE: The National Academy of Engineering has announced the 3rd annual Engineering for You Video Contest (E4U3). This year’s topic is Mega Engineering – projects that “typically address important needs of large populations and/or societies, require teams working across countries and cultures on a solution, and involve at least three disciplines, including engineering.” Examples are human travel to Mars; new large-scale energy sources like fusion; engineering better medicines and access to medical care; economically sweeping the oceans of plastic waste; creating remarkable tools of scientific discovery like the Large Hadron Collider; and building sustainable cities. NAE is looking for 1-2 minute videos that (i) introduce a particular mega-engineering project, (ii) highlight its importance/contribution to people and society, and (iii) suggest contributions to its development. The Grand Prize of $25,000 will go to the most inspiring video. Visit to learn more!

Energy Department Announces $25 Million to Develop Next Generation of Electric Machines for Industrial Energy Savings

see article

… eight to twelve projects through the Next Generation of Electric Machines

… identified four key technology areas …

  • Manufacturing of high performance thermal and electrical conductors
  • Manufacturing of low-loss silicon steel
  • High temperature superconducting wire manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of other enabling technologies to increase performance.

NSF: ENG needs a new assistant director

National Academy of Engineering President C. Daniel Mote will lead a search committee seeking a successor to Pramod Khargonekar, who has been assistant director for engineering at the National Science Foundation since March, 2013. A Dear Colleague letter from NSF Director France Córdova says recommendations of individuals “from  any sector — academic, industry, or government — are welcome.” These can be sent to

ARPA-E Fellowships


ARPA-E is looking for the next generation of scientific leaders to help solve the most pressing and exciting challenges in energy. The Fellows assist the agency in identifying possible breakthrough energy technologies through technical and economic analyses. During their two-year tenure, ARPA-E Fellows undergo a full-immersion experience in energy technology development, engaging with world-class researchers in academia and industry, entrepreneurs, and government officials.


Independent energy technology development
– Perform primary technical and economic analyses to identify high-impact technologies and white spaces for the agency.
– Learn from and brainstorm with experts in a variety of fields.
– Publish original research papers and reviews.
– Attend and present at conferences.

Program Director support
– Help develop future programs through technical analysis, discussions, debate, and workshops.
– Support existing programs through technical and economic analyses and on-site visits to current project teams.

Organizational support
– Develop technical content for the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit.
-Contribute to the strategic direction and vision of the agency.
– Review proposals for funding opportunities.

ARPA-E Fellows do not perform laboratory research or directly engage in policy making.

Duty station is ARPA-E headquarters, in Washington, DC.