The wonderful world of Google as a research collaboration tool

Collaboration can be painful due to the technology tools we commonly use on campus. MS office documents as email attachments, conference phone calls – WebEx – Zoom – Skype as meeting platforms, Sharepoint drives, and even calendars work but with effort.

Many on campus use Google docs and apps for their personal use as less painful – maybe even easy – alternatives. But due to the Google wall (someone has to be inside the Google wall/account already) the benefits aren’t applicable for research collaborations both off and on campus.

BUT it turns out at least the on campus part is – or should be considered – passe’. IT solved the problem by securing the permissions and tools for everyone with a address to be within the Google wall.

But there is a one-time preliminary step each of us has to take to access.  Our friends at IT Research Support Services (RSS) offer these instructions for access to

1. If you’ve never logged into google for S&T before, the getting started guide can be found here:

2.  Once your account has been activated, below are the steps to accessing the

3. Go to:  If you get a “you’re trying to access a Google admin account but do not have a valid account for it” it means that you are logged into another google (non-S&T) account.

4. Click the “sign into one of the existing accounts for” link.

5. Log in using Missouri S&T credentials.

Want to give the tools a try? — give me a ring on Hangouts and let’s prove to each other that collaboration and communication have moved to the next level. Hangouts