NSF CAREER Proposal Writing Workshop

Dear colleagues,

I would like to remind you that January 5 is the application deadline to participate in the 2016 NSF CAREER Proposal Writing Workshop, which will be held March 21-22 in St. Louis. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Ming Leu

Subject: FW: 2016 NSF CAREER Proposal Writing Workshop


Please see the opportunity below to participate in the 2016 NSF CAREER Proposal Writing Workshop.  The Online Application states, “The workshop is limited to 200 participants in order to achieve good results. Assistant professors in the disciplines that CMMI supports will have the first priority. If there are spaces left, workshop will also accept assistant professors in (a) other engineering disciplines, (b) science, and (c) other disciplines that NSF support …”

Dr. Ming Leu is one of the workshop organizers.  Please contact him if you have any questions.

Sponsored by the NSF Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation, the 2016 NSF CAREER Proposal Writing Workshop will be held on March 21 -22, 2016 in St. Louis, MO.  The workshop will be co-hosted by the Missouri University of Science and Technology and Kansas State University.  This workshop will cover the basics of CAREER proposal writing and review.  It will include presentations by NSF Program Officers and recent CAREER awardees, a mock panel review using actual awarded and declined CAREER proposals, and a feedback session where small groups will review and discuss the draft CAREER proposal project summaries that each participant prepared.  Participants will also have an opportunity to meet with current and previous NSF Program Officers.  The workshop will be hands-on, requiring that all participants read and review six CAREER proposals, actively participate in the mock panel reviews, which are designed as a realistic simulation of actual CAREER proposal review panels. Every participant is required to submit a project summary of their CAREER proposal as part of the application package.  Data from previous workshops suggest that the success rate of the participants is considerably higher than the overall NSF average.  Correspondingly, this workshop attracts far more applicants than we can admit (approximately 200 participants will be selected to attend this workshop), so early application is strongly recommended.  In order to provide sufficient time for these important sessions and to encourage networking among participants and facilitators, mealtime activities will be an important component of the agenda, and the workshop fee of $250 will be charged to help defray the cost of workshop meals and materials.


The application deadline is January 5, 2016. The application procedure and tentative agenda for the workshop can be found at:  http://aries.imse.ksu.edu/nsf/NSF2016/main.htm


Workshop organizers:

Ming Leu, Missouri University of Science and Technology, mleu@mst.edu

Brad Kramer, Kansas State University, bradleyk@ksu.edu


NSF Coordinators:

George Hazelrigg, Deputy Division Director, CMMI, ghazelri@nsf.gov

Z.J. Pei, Program Director, MME/CMMI, zpei@nsf.gov