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Research Seminar: High-Precision Landslide Monitoring using LiDAR

November  6th  330 pm, in the RMERC Conference Room hosted by the Rock Mechanics and Explosives Research Center

Presenter: Ken Boyko, PhD Candidate (Dr. Maerz) 

  Title:  High-Precision Landslide Monitoring using LiDAR

Abstract:  LiDAR is a modern technology for acquiring highly detailed 3-D representations of large areas.  However, the raw LiDAR point cloud data is normally only accurate to a little less than a centimeter.  New techniques involving spherical targets placed on an active landslide have demonstrated that sub-mm movement of the surface and sub-surface materials can be detected.  The method is based on a statistical analysis of the point cloud representations of spherical targets, and the use of dual-sphere steel rods driven to various depths in the active slide zone.  Vector flow fields can be computed from periodic scans acquired over a span of several months.  The small displacements detected using these new methods exceeds the raw LiDAR single-point accuracy by at least an order of magnitude.


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ReCAST Newsletter

Missouri S&T hosts a Transportation Center for USDOT. The Center periodical newsletter (RE-CAST) has just been published. Check it out at this link.


Research Seminar: How can we connect the use of social media to behaviors in ‘real-life?

10-11:30 a.m. Monday, Nov. 9, in Room 104 Humanities and Social Sciences Building

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Research Seminar: Application of anaerobic biotechnologies for environmental remediation and green energy production

ERC is pleased to host a seminar on Friday afternoon by Parson’s Commercial Services Dr. Glen Ulrich; starts at 3;30 PM in 318 Butler-Carlton

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