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NIJ FY 16 Graduate Research Fellowship in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

The Graduate Research Fellowship in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (GRF-STEM) provides awards to accredited academic institutions to support graduate research leading to doctoral degrees in areas thatare relevant to ensuring public safety, preventing and controlling crime, and ensuring the fair and impartial administration of criminal justice in the United States.

The ultimate goal of this solicitation is to increase the pool of researchers who are involved in providing STEM-based solutions to problems that affect criminal justice policy and practice in the United States. Through the GRF-STEM program, NIJ supports STEM graduate education by investing in academic institutions that support outstanding and promising doctoral students. All awards made under this solicitation will be required to deliver interim and final progress reports and quarterly financial reports to NIJ by specified deadlines.

The final deliverables for awards under this solicitation are:
– An official signed copy of the doctoral student’s dissertation.
– A list of scholarly products and products developed for broad dissemination to informal audiences resulting from the dissertation research.

Such scholarly products may take the form of one or more published, peer-reviewed scientific journal articles or indexed conference abstracts, law review journal articles (if appropriate), book chapter(s) or book(s) in the academic press, technological prototypes, patented inventions, or similar scientific products. Products developed for broad dissemination to informal audiences may take the form of websites, informational documents, online tools, or other similar products.

Need an IT internship at the US Copyright office for a student?

See Library of Congress (LOC) U.S. Copyright Office

Founded in 1870, the United States Copyright Office has approximately four hundred and fifty employees, the majority of whom examine and register hundreds of thousands of copyright claims in books, music, movies,

software, photographs, and other works of authorship each year. In fiscal year 2011, Copyright Office staff processed more than 700,000 registration claims. The Office’s registration and supporting recordation systems constitute the world’s largest database of copyrighted works and copyright ownership information.

The Copyright Technology Office provides support for the main electronic Copyright Office (eCO) system and other peripheral applications that support daily operations.

This internship provides invaluable knowledge and work experience through a variety of tasks that support automated planning and execution of Copyright Office technology systems. Interns will have an opportunity to work on special projects or supplement staff assignments with technical support while gaining knowledge of established technical procedures and processes, System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), business analysis (i.e., system implementations, IT strategy, and business support services, etc.), and other technical writing assignments (i.e., documenting plans, researching for feasibility studies, incident/problem reports, etc.).