NSF: Social Psychology

This program, offered by the U.S. National Science Foundation Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences, supports basic research on human social behavior, including cultural differences, and development over thelife span. Among the many research topics supported are attitude formation and change, social cognition, personality processes, interpersonal relations and group processes, the self, emotion, social comparison and social influence, and the psychophysiological and neurophysiological bases of social behavior. Eligible institutions must be located in the USA. They include universities, government agencies and non-profit groups. U.S. commercial organizations, especially small businesses with strong capabilities in scientific or engineering research or education, are also encouraged to submit proposals. Scientists, engineers or educators in the USA and who are U.S. citizens may be eligible for support, if they are not employed by, or affiliated with, an organization. Annual target dates are January 15 and July 15, but proposals will be accepted on other dates.