Archives for August 24, 2015


It might just be time to register yourself at ORCID. 

MyVita is being deployed by the University of Missouri as annual way to report on their research, teaching, scholarship and creative works.  How you look on MyVita will replace the earlier faculty profiles – those that recall the FAS (faculty accounting system) – and join a collection of other places where a faculty member is described like the profiles at ProQuest PIVOT, faculty pages, department websites and the new Scholar’s Mine.


Dr. Melanie Mormile

Special assistant to the Provost for faculty affairs Dr. Melanie Mormile noted: “I would like to encourage all faculty to obtain an ORCID.  It is very easy to do and is something that will help populate the scholarly activities for myVita as well as help to indicate to PIVOT the types of research an individual would be interested in learning more about.  ”

ORCID establishes an identity thread between all these various profiles and notations of a researchers work and gets over problems associated with rendering of different spellings, marital names changes, initials, differences in accent marks or other divergences. Get one — its free and easy.