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DMDII Releases 5 New Project Calls

Dear Colleague,

 Please see below for a call for proposals from the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII).  Missouri S&T is a member of DMDII; Dr. Robert Landers serves on the Executive Committee and Dr. Ming Leu is the technical POC.  You may contact them for more information.

 With best regards, Krishna

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Dear DMDII Member,

On behalf of Dr. Dean Bartles, the Executive Director of the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII), we are pleased to announce the release of five new Project Calls for the three DMDII Technology Thrusts: Advanced Manufacturing Enterprise (AME), Intelligent Machines (IM), and Advanced Analysis (AA).

The title and goal of each Project Call is listed below:

Completing the Model-Based Definition (DMDII-15-11). This topic aims to develop digital models that describe digital product designs and the manufacturing information about these products.

Technologies Enabling Supply Chain Visibility (DMDII-15-12).  The goal of this topic is to demonstrate technologies that can provide real-time, dynamic visibility into the status of key information to facilitate efficient response to rapidly changing conditions.

Cyber Security for Intelligent Machines (DMDII-15-13).  The goal of this topic is to develop technologies that can identify, manage and mitigate the cyber security risks associated with digitally connected manufacturing equipment.

Hardware / Software Toolkit for Real-Time Machine and Process Diagnostics, Monitoring and Self-Correction (DMDII-15-14).  This topic aims to implement machine intelligence into manufacturing equipment in a way that is low cost and scalable.

Agile Manufacturing to Compensate for Production Variability (DMDII-15-15).  The goal of this topic is to demonstrate digital manufacturing technologies that mitigate variability among manufactured products, and to thereby reduce manufacturing costs and more rapidly bring new products to market.

To view the Project Call documents, please click on the respective project call titles or visit our website at

To facilitate the formation of project teams, DMDII encourages manufacturing businesses, manufacturing services providers, and academic institutions to register their capabilities and interests on an online survey.

A project workshop is scheduled for September 10, 2015. Please stay tuned for an official invitation!


The DMDII Team