NASA – Unmanned Systems

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Glenn Research Center (GRC)

Unmanned Aircraft Control and Non Payload Communication Systems

The purpose of this cooperative agreement is to conduct a shared resource project that will demonstrate and support the further development of UnmannedAircraft (UA) Control and Non Payload Communication (CNPC) Systems.The prototype to be developed will provide a basis for validating and verifying proposed CNPC system performance requirements. This project will demonstrate a complete CNPC system, including interfacing to a ground-based pilot station, transmission of CNPC data to/from more than one ground station, and on board reception and transmission of CNPC data on more than one UA. The project will include the development of both ground and airborne CNPC radios. The development and successful demonstration of this complete CNPC system has the potential to greatly stimulate further development and deployment of such systems on civil unmanned aircraft.Specific potential public benefits from this cooperative agreement include improved safety ofunmanned aircraft; through improved communication systems, data link technologies and protocols, and operating procedures. These improvements are intended to lead to more a complete development of relevant industry and government standards,leading to more rapid and coherent development and deployment of new CNPC systems for unmanned aircraft. As defined in this document, a CNPC Radio shall consist of the transmit and receive electronics, data i/o interface, antenna interface, and electrical power interface.



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