Archives for June 19, 2015

Share your Knowledge on Photovoltaic Research and Development

Manufacturing costs associated with photovoltaic module production have decreased dramatically over the past decade, but further improvements are still needed. Cell and module developments that maximize efficiency, service lifetime, and total energy output while minimizing installation material and labor costs are critical to the future of commercial photovoltaic technologies. This request for information hopes to gauge the issues and opportunities that the research and industrial communities find most important in reducing the levelized cost of energy associated with photovoltaic power generation. Responses are due July 15. Learn more and read the questions

Solar Collectors Targeted in New CSP Funding Program

The CSP: Concentrating Optics for Lower Levelized Energy Costs (COLLECTS) funding opportunity seeks to further concentrating solar power (CSP) system technologies by soliciting disruptive, transformative projects for the concentrating solar collectors in the CSP plant. Projects will target the design and manufacturing of novel solar collectors with the ability to significantly reduce the solar field contribution to the overall levelized cost of energy of the CSP plant, and which have not been previously specifically targeted by CSP funding programs. These developments should lead to subsequent system integration, engineering scale-up, and eventual commercial production for electricity generation applications by 2020. Concept papers are due June 25. Learn more.