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New Policy | Internal Proposal Submission Deadlines

Dear Colleague,


Vice Provost Research

Lately my office has been receiving too many proposals at the last minute.  While I appreciate all your efforts to pursue research funding, it is becoming difficult to manage the last minute submissions.  This also precludes my staff from doing a good job to review the proposals before submitting them.  Further, a number of agencies, NSF in particular, are strictly enforcing their proposal submission requirements.  This requires additional time to review the proposals and ensure that they meet the agency requirements.

I know it will be a significant change from our past practice, but going forward, my office will be enforcing the three business day deadline for receipt of all proposals and related documents (see Policy MEMORANDUM-04 for details).  Rest assured my office is committed to providing you with the necessary support, but I will need your help as well.  Thank you in advance for meeting the internal proposal submission deadlines.

With best regards, Krishna

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