Spotlight: Coatings Institute — one of our hidden talents

You know that hidden-in-plain-sight building off the Havener Parking lot? No — we all seem to miss it or misremember it anyway – it is the “Old Bureau of Mines Building #2” where Old means former use and not Age. Turned over to the university by the federal government when it closed up the BOM in 1996 this building is an industrial looking metal box. One walks up the interior metal stairs to the lab and office complex — and viola’ there you find Professor Mike Van de Mark and several graduate students still turning out new materials for paints and coatings.

Welcome to what is left of the Coatings Institute. It is one of the cool corners on campus where unnoticed work still generates technology advancements and potential revenue for the camps. Mark maintains a website here.

Mark Van De Mark July 2013

Mike Van de Mark Department of Chemistry


BOM #2 between Havener Center and Campus Support Building


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