Farewell Party to Michelle Smith

M Smith

Pictured left to right are K Krishnamurthy Vice Provost, Debra Wielms, Paula DeLong, Maria Shaub, Julie Creamer, Mellisa Chambers, Diane Brown, Michelle herself, Mendy Kell, Michelle Gresham, Kelly Bowen and Cynthia Stevenson. Picture taken by Kris Hammonds.

The OSP team poses for a picture March 25 2015 at the campus farewell event for Michelle Smith who is picking up new university duties at the University of Missouri – Columbia campus.

K Krishnamurthy and M Smith

K Krishnamurthy wishes Michelle best luck – but he is seriously going to miss her. Picture by Kris Hammonds.

Michelle took time to talk with each Vice Provost for Research that she served with in her time at Rolla.

W Huebner and M Smith

Wayne Huebner gives Michelle a jolly send off. Picture by Kris Hammonds.

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