Archives for February 11, 2015

RE CAST Newsletter

Our University Transportation Center is a key part of the Center for Infrastructure Engineering Studies and a campus bragging point. They have just released their newsletter RECAST. You can read that newsletter at this link.


Designation of Authority to Sign Research and IP Agreements

The Curators of the University of Missouri are the legal ownership entity of the University and inherently have the right to sign agreements and deals. They designate their power to contract and assign down to campus level for most things and allow the Chancellor to further specific senior staff to sign agreements in a way that legally is binding. As you may imagine this is all carefully thought through and published periodically.  Recently Missouri S&T has published such a letter for the authorities that are necessary for the proper administration of research and intellectual property matters.

You may read that letter here or inquire at OSP of ‘who gets to sign what’.DelegationofAuthority-IPandResearch