Army Research Open House

The Army Research Lab at Aberdeen Proving Grounds and Adelphi MD held an ARL open house last week  to introduce the S&T community to ARL’s research scientists and engineers, foster collaborations and to offer ARL’s specialized laboratory facilities that are available to support joint research. ARL calls their effort Open Campus and it is a pilot experiment for federal labs to (a) get out of being a funding source to industry and academia (b) become instead a collaborator and (c) open the way to freely — without security impediments even — exchange people, facilities, equipment and ideas.

ARL expressly wants Missouri S&T, industry and other research universities to partner with them, leverage their facilities (utilization rates), make joint proposals to federal funding sources (e.g. ARO, NRO, DTRA, DARPA, NSF, NIST …), jointly publish articles, have post-docs and students work at the Army labs … in short engage n every way short of asking them for money.

Their organization for this (campaigns), the mechanisms to engage with them (agreements) and the capabilities they have to share (assets) are published at the Open Campus website. OSP will be putting the mechanisms in play this winter.

Open Campus Open House December 9 & 10, 2014


The Army has published an extensive “Opportunities” document with detail on specific projects organized by campaigns. The 150 posters organized for the Open House last week has many connections to the research interests of S&T researchers and as soon as they are published OSP will link those posters to specific on-campus researchers attention.

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